return to learn

Return to Learn 2021-2022

              Medford Public Schools is committed to in person learning for the this coming school year.  Our main focus is to always provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. Below we have tried to help answer questions about the upcoming school year and our      protocols for this coming year. 

 Masks/Face Coverings:

· Masks will not be required to begin the school year.

· Those who choose to wear facemasks are encouraged to do so. 

· If the governor declares a State of Emergency during the year, a mask mandate will be considered.


Quarantining Guidelines for Students and Staff who have Covid:

· If a student or staff member tests positive with Covid-19, that person will be required to quarantine for 10 days.


Quarantining Guidelines for Students and Staff that are exposed to Covid:

· Students and staff who have been vaccinated with the Covid vaccine, do not have to be quarantined.

· Students and staff who are wearing facemasks or face coverings do not have to be      quarantined.

· Students and staff who are not wearing masks or face coverings and are within 6ft of the exposure will have to quarantine for a period of 10 days or may come back on day 8 with a negative covid test between day 5-7.

· Students or staff who have tested positive for covid and not been vaccinated will have a 90 day window to not have to be quarantined if exposed.  After the 90 day time frame is over quarantine guidelines will go into effect.


Other Illnesses

· Students or staff with other illness like flu, strep, RSV, etc, must stay home until they are fever free for a period of 24 hours. Please do not come to school sick. 



· We will continue to be diligent about hand washing and sanitation. 

· The school facilities will continue to be disinfected and sanitized frequently.


As we continue to navigate through these ever changing times we are very

appreciative of the patience and support of our parents and community.  


For questions or comments regarding the Return to Learn plan please contact